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Malone Souliers is a bold and feminine luxury British footwear brand​

Maolone Souliers retail interior display

The existing Malone Souliers concept is further dematerialised and fragmented adapting to the provided space creating three freestanding display units. With glass boxes miraculously hanging from each side of the steel frame giving the sense of weightlessness.


Clear and bold coloured glass boxes in strong orange and dark blue create a sculptural relief of faceted squares to display shoes projecting and receding in a irregular geometric composition.​

Malone Souliers custom-made metal display boxes

Getting Creative

The wall behind the free standing steel and glass unit is wallpapered with a bespoke ‘Mary Alice Malone’ hand signature pattern partially distorted by the coloured and clear glass cubes creates a dynamic visual layering effect.

Malone Souliers red and blue display wall with 'Mary Alice Malone' signature wallpaper
Selfridges glass shoe display shelving


With a mixture of soft pastel coloured furnishings and textures contrasting with strong steel and glass freestanding display units the interior has a clean, spacious, elegance and creative ambience.

Close-up of glass shoe display boxes. showing light blue and white high heels

The strong bold orange and dark blue backed display glass boxes have great impact to attract the eye of any customer when browsing.


This was another great project for Axiom Retail.




Harvey Nichols - London


Malone Souliers / NLS - London Archiect

Harvey Nichols

Contracted by Nick Leith-Smith, Axiom Retail worked on the first Malone Souliers to open in Harvey Nichols London in July 2019. This was a very inspirational concept that roots in the Dutch De Stijl movement. Expressed by bold rectilinear colour blocking and strong linear outlining.


Malone Souliers - High Heels on glass display box

Designed by Rage Studio

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